One-of-a-kind cultural events, each element carefully curated to weave an experience to appeal to all of your senses. Let EO take you on a cultural journey.

You have a significant event; all the elements should be just right. As a high touch, bouitique cultural events firm, EO curates experiences and dinners to make it easy. All you have to do is select the one that appeals to you and we do all the work.

Each of our events can be customized. Tell us if you have a cultural theme you'd like us to curate, and we'll be glad to accommodate.

The location of your distinctive event is also a labor of love. So rest assured--whether it's a loft, a hall, a brownstone, a mansion, or a distillery, our suggested venue will be one of many defining elements of your event.


EO Distinctive Experiences capture the feelings, color, and textures of special times and places via ambiance, tantalizing cuisine, and soulful live music. The setting will be designed for maximum enhancement of your event goal, not to mention your heart and soul.

Select from Motown Magic, Havana Night or Prohibition Unveiled.


Centered on alluring flavors, fragrance, and zesty tastes, EO Distinctive Dinners satisfies the palate. The 3 or 4 course meal, supplemented by recorded or DJ spun music, will align with the cultural theme of your event and be, as Nat King Cole sang: unforgettable.

Choose from Down-Home Southern Blues & BBQ, Caribbean Spice, or A Big Easy Night.

EO curates event experiences that transport
guests into a realm of sensory delight.

Book an Events Odyssey experience or dinner for your next client cultivation, staff appreciation, private affair, fundraiser, reception, promotion/launch, or milestone.



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