the Magic of the tropics

Crystal clear waters, magnificent landscapes, exotic fruits and never-ending sunshine are the allure of the Caribbean. The blending of European with African culture is what makes the Caribbean unique, especially the lilting languages of the many lands.



tropical flair abounds with caribbean rhythms and a gourmet feast of succulent dishes.


  • Caribbean Sounds of Calypso and Reggae
  • Cod Fish Fritters with Lemon Grass Remoulade
  • Marinated Jerk Chicken
  • Coconut Rice and Peas
We Jammin'!

The most distinguishing aspect of Caribbean culture recognized around the world is music. The Caribbean is the home of reggae, calypso, meringue, rumba, zouk, and many other musical forms. This rhythmic music has roots in both African and European culture. The upbeat drum rhythms are an African influence, while the forms of melody and verse are distinctly European. 

A Touch of Spice . . .

Influenced by Chinese, Indian, Dutch, French, Spanish, British, and Amerindian food, Caribbean cuisine is widely known for its distinctive seasonings, diverse character, bold flavors and rich array of fruits, vegetables, beans, meats and fish. A culinary journey of exquisite tastes and delights.


Coconut Shrimp

Conch Fritters

Cod Fish Fritters with Lemon grass remoulade

Jerk wings with sugared oranges


Chicken Curry, crisp plantains

Coconut Rice and Peas

Sea Bass with Mango Salsa

Pelau, rice, coconut milk, pidgeon peas

West Indian spiced tiger prawn, crab and chunky fish stew with sweet potato dumplings