Soul-Inspired with every touch . . .

Iconic and instantly recognizable, Motown music captures our emotions, our memories, our life stories. The Motown Sound -- joyous, romantic, mad groovin', movin' music that changed America. Syncopated horns, melodious harmonies, dynamic lead and background vocals, driving bass lines and foot-tapping drum parts spoke to an era of hope and change.


A throw back to soulful Motown grooves with soulful cuisine, signature cocktails, and iconic R&B music.

Motown Highlights:

  • Live R&B Band
  • Soulful Cuisine
  • Motown Karaoke
  • Motown Signature Cocktails
  • Motown Dance Groove

A Soulful Groove . . .

Savory Soul Cuisine

With West African origins, and influences from Moorish and Arawak cuisines, soul food represents comfort, love, and family. Chef Collins' feast of mouth-watering, sumptuous dishes are healthy for body and soul.

Groovin' Rhythms!

The Motown Sound will come alive in groove through tunes by the Supremes, Temptations, Delfonics, Stevie Wonder, the Jackson Five and many others you know and love. 

Take the Mic ...

Take the mic and channel your inner Supreme or Temptation! Since you know the melodies, the hooks and the words, why not be a star?



Salmon Cakes, spicy tartar sauce

Chicken and Waffle Bites organic ginger syrup

Sweet Potato Ravioli

Fried Zucchini with blue cheese cheese



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