Speakeasies, Secrecy & Style

An age of defiance and clandestine affairs, Prohibition (1920-1933) was a pivotal period in American history where in New York City alone there were up to 100,000 speakeasies by 1925 serving liquor, in spite of the law. 

Craft distilleries are making a comeback in New York and, within the last decade, many have reinvented and innovated the renowned heritage of whiskey, rum, and gin distilling throughout the state and in New York City. Bronx, Brooklyn or Westchester distilleries make fantastic event spaces.

A clandestine affair, taking you back to the days of Prohibition whiskey, rum, and Early jazz.


  • Liquor tasting
  • Distillery tour
  • Swing Jazz band
  • Swing dance lessons
  • Buffet feast
  • Prohibition video
Swangin' Jazz ...

This period of early jazz was perfect for the age as a defiant sound of freedom, when the syncopation and pulsating rhythms of the Louis Armstrong revolution became big band swing.  


Shhh . . . Liquor Tastings

Rum, whiskey, bourbon were just a few of the liquors created in secret during the Prohibition era; now they are being distilled again right here in New York.  

Swing Dance

Tap into the dance craze of the Jazz Age and beyond. Our instructors will show guests how it's done and leave room for the swingin’ to commence!



Lobster canapés

Caviar rolls


Shrimp cocktails

Marinated red pepper poppers stuffed with fresh goat cheese

Chicken Liver Pate’

Step into another era . . . your experience is waiting.