The perfect blend of Cuban cuisine, music & dance for an unforgettable night.

Cuba, a melting pot of ethnic cultures from around the world, has predominant African, European, Chinese and Spanish roots. Cuba has a large black and mixed-race population, with many of its African influences called Afro-Cuban. An island of contrasts, you’ll find old vintage cars, panama hats, sombreros and baseball caps, where dominos is the most popular game.


Cuban ambiance abounds in a night rich with the color, flavor and rhythm of savory cuisine, specialty cocktails, and sultry music. 


  • An Afro-Cuban Ensemble
  • Dance Performance & Lessons
  • Afro-Cuban cuisine
  • Cuban Specialty Cocktails
  • Cigar Bar
The Art of the Cigar

A craft dating back centuries, cigar rolling is truly an artful, intricate process. Torcedores, highly respected in Cuban society and culture, travel the globe displaying this world-renowned craft.


A Feast of Flavors

Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, with Caribbean influence in spice and flavor too. Comfort food, typically with slow-cooked meats that have marinated and cooked for hours, Cuban cuisine is unique in its blend of different cultures.


Afro-Cuban Rhythms

Son, salsa, cha-cha, and rhumba, along with many West African adaptations and Spanish fusion genres, have made Cuban music immensely influential around the globe. 

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